We are currently conducting 3 different surveys and offering discounts to our customers who are prepared to share their inner thoughts with us about our new card designs and website.

The surveys are conducted online by clicking on the images below. Please note: you need to be logged in to participate in the surveys. 

White on White Survey

You need to have received a White on White sample box in order to complete this survey effectively.

Odd-velopes Survey

You must have received an odd-velope sample or purchased them in the past to be eligible to do this survey.

Website Survey

You need to have made a purchase with us via the website to be eligible to do this survey. You see, there are questions about the checkout process in the survey and if you haven't been through the checkout you won't be able to answer them. We suggest that you complete the survey after your first purchase so that you can receive a discount on your next purchase!

Thank you so much for visiting our website. Kisses to you if you completed a survey and shared your inner thoughts with us—or shared through any type of feedback. We hope you enjoy our card series and become an integral part of our product design and development.

Welcome to our world—we simply love having you with us.

Be in touch,